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  • Avatars: Small, usually square pictures that people generally use to represent themselves in profiles or on forum boards.
  • Banners: Larger, usually rectangular pictures that are generally used as the top image of a website or forum board.
  • Signatures: Smaller rectangular pictures that depicts a person, show, character, etc. that a person likes; these are usually used at the bottom of a person's post on forum sites, but are also found in profiles.
  • Everything Else: I have lots of random items like Userbars, Wallpaper, AIM icons, Emotes, etc. that really don't have anywhere else to go... so I dropped them altogether on their own page!

How did I get into graphics?

When I was in high school, I was one of 3 people who chose computer graphics as the vocational target for our senior year. Everyone else chose screen printing, printing press, silk screen, page layout, you name it. The other two students and I got to spend our time playing with those very old, Wall-E looking macs in the graphics department of my high school, working on design projects for the other vocations, designing business cards and letterhead for the office, and playing with fonts.

I did work in the field for awhile, after high school, but I discovered other career pursuits that I preferred. Even so, I couldn't have dreamed I'd still have a taste for it 20 years later, but I guess I enjoyed the whir of the computers and the clicking of the keys, because here I am, still designing for fun!


  • don't take anything from these pages without my permission. I don't mind people borrowing them, but I like to know when they are.

    Thank you!
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