Everyone has their hobbies...

...and, as boring or mundane as others might think they are, each person thinks their own hobbies are interesting. I also think we all kind of hope that other people will find them interesting as well, so with that in mind, I've added a few pages for things that I spend my time doing, aside from graphics and video games.

  • Stray C.a.T.S.: Stray C.a.T.S. (Comical and Thoughtful Stuff) is technically a blog, but this won't be typical in the sense of ramblings or rants. I spend quite a bit of time on the internet and I tend to find things that I find interesting, unbelievable, funny, or just plain strange. I've chosen to create this in order to share those things with you!
  • Disney Trading Pins: O.k., so I know you probably saw that one and went "BWAHAHAHA! She's one of THOSE people!" but really, I swear, I only like the ones from the Disney Haunted Mansion and that's just because, well... I like haunted stuff!
  • Sewing: I never really had any domestic inclinations growing up, but for some reason I really enjoy sewing. So far I still haven't learned how to follow a pattern, but that doesn't seem to stop me from doing whatever I need to. Check out some of my creations, here!

  • don't take anything from these pages without my permission. I don't mind people borrowing them, but I like to know when they are.

    Thank you!
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