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Click on one of the subnavigation topics, above. The 3 main games that I play that allow screenshots or picture taking of some kind are:

  • Animal Crossing: City Folk: This is a Sims-like game where you can fish, catch bugs, decorate your home, and meet up with your friends over wifi on the Wii. Although I don't play it so much anymore, when I did it was great fun and I took lots of good pictures.
  • Guild Wars: Guild Wars is an MMORPG on the PC. It still has a good following and I still play from time to time, especially during festivals or other special events. My character is a Necromancer (no surprise if you know me) and I take great pride in being known as a bloodthirsty killer...
  • Endless Ocean: This fantastic game on the Wii allows you to go scuba diving and see all the mysteries of the underwater world right from the comfort of your own couch!
  • Everything Else: This is, of course, where any other video game screenshots or pics will go.

  • don't take anything from these pages without my permission. I don't mind people borrowing them, but I like to know when they are.

    Thank you!
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