My Mother’s Book Clock

My mother loves decorative clocks. No, really, she has about 45 of them, just in the main areas of the house. For her birthday this year (April of 2015), I decided to make her one that looks like books, however, I did not like the fact that the ones I had originally seen on Pinterest were made from real books (which is a nice idea, but is a pain when it comes to getting the pages out and can also end up being very heavy).

With that in mind, I created this:

1 - vhF0dWL

2 - HWPzyLN

3 - A5iOejf

Instead of real books, I used the book boxes that you can buy from most craft stores; they come in a wide variety of colors or patterns and sizes. I also purchased the gold sticker numbers and the clock workings and used a hole borer and hot glue to place the clock central piece in the middle book. I also glued the two side books closed so that opening the middle book to change the battery would not be accidentally cumbersome.